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10 facts about English you didn’t know!

10 facts about English you didn’t know!
  1. English is not the most popular language in the world. Yes, that’s right, it’s one of three most popular languages but not the most! First place goes to Chinese, followed by Spanish and only third place is for English, which is native to more than 335 million people all over the world! In general, there are about 1.3 billion people speaking English.
  2. Letter E is found in English language the most often, and letter Q the least.
  3. The word SET has more than 40 meanings.
  4. Every 2 hours a new word appears in English (it’s never too late to improve your vocabulary!).
  5. What is so unique about the sentence The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog? The answer is simple: it has all the letters of the English alphabet.
  6. The first word on the Moon was the word OK.
  7. English is not the official language of the US, although more than 80% of the population considers it to be a native language.
  8. Once the “&” symbol was a part of the English alphabet. Now it is called "ampersand" and is not considered a letter.
  9. There are more synonyms in English than in any other language, so you can always easily replace the word or even the whole phrase.
  10. Learning languages, including English, makes the brain more plastic and can help to avoid many diseases in old age.

Don’t study hard, study smart!